Spot On Adoption Center

Every animal deserves a home.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our community and the welfare of all animals, Spot On Veterinary Hospital & Hotel has donated a large area within our facility to house a separate dog and cat adoption center. Each center was made possible by the generosity of private donors who envision a new standard of care for sheltered pets. At Spot On, we believe that every animal deserves to have a home and are dedicated to advancing that mission.

Spot On Dog Adoption Center

The construction and ongoing care of pets in the Spot On Dog Adoption Center are generously funded by client and friend of Spot On, Brooke Garden and her family. Spot On Dog Adoption Center sets a new standard for shelter accommodations – each dog will be housed in a spacious, glass front suite with access to a communal living room for socialization and training from a dedicated caregiver. The center will provide homeless dogs to feel at home and ease their transition to their fur-ever homes.

Spot On Cat Adoption Center

The construction of Spot On Cat Adoption Center was generously funded by a private donor. Spot On will be working with local nonprofit rescue groups to house cats in need of placement in a quiet and comfortable environment. Each cat will be housed in a 5-story glass front cat tower with access to a dedicated cat playroom for socialization, mental stimulation, and exercise.

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