Upcoming Christmas Hours:
Saturday, December 24th: Hospital: 9am-1pm, Hotel: 7am-3pm (All lodging arrivals in by 1pm)
Sunday, December 25th: Hospital and Hotel closed
Monday, December 26th: Hospital: Closed, Hotel: 11am-3pm
If you have a pet(s) staying with us over the Holidays the hospital and hotel in the back will be open but not to the general public.

Spot On Adoption Center Volunteer Application

PLEASE NOTE: All volunteers, unless part of an approved educational group, must have a parent or guardian onsite at all times if under the age of 16. An adult is allowed to supervise a group of minors onsite.

Please complete the fostering supplement if you wish to volunteer as a foster.

PLEASE NOTE: It is definitely worth checking with your county! Local ordinances may set limits as to a certain number of pets per home.