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A well behaved dog is a happy & healthy dog. We are proud to offer training options for all stages of your pet’s life. Give us a call today and we will help you determine the best fit for your dog’s training needs.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Attention training-”look at me”
  • Release word of the your choosing
  • Veterinary experience expectations
  • Place, Settle, Leave It, Recall, Wait, Stay
  • Creation of the learning key in each puppy
  • Socialization including learning proper play styles and cues

For puppies 1 year & younger  |  3 days per week for 2 weeks  10am - 4pm  |  $750 total

We provide FREE Live NEST Cams for you to see the fun for yourself! Please remember that all puppies learn and grow at their own pace and capabilities. Our trainer will discuss your puppy’s progress and abilities at the end of each day of training.

Individual Training Sessions

For those interested in the flexibility of individual sessions. Custom design a training plan to be implemented at your convenience or while your dog is at Daycare and Pet Hotel stays!

  • Learn basic commands, obedience, and socialization skills, or custom tailor your plan to your dog’s individual needs
  • Purchase individual sessions or packages
  • Available during Dog Daycare and Pet Hotel stays following consultation with a trainer
  • $155 per hour session by appointment or $125 per hour session when attending dog daycare or during a hotel stay.


Meet our trainer

Janet Willhite has been working with dogs since she was 16 years old and has more than 30 years of continuing education and experience training animals.

Janet’s training method is positive reinforcement and balanced training. She prides herself on turning pet owners from “no, bad dog” to “what a good puppy!” She loves to help teach pet owners about how puppies learn and develop, allowing pet parents to enjoy the journey of growth and building successful bonds between owners and their four-legged family members.

Janet’s passion is being able to enhance the relationship between animals and their owners through teamwork, and she brings her enthusiasm and infectious positivity to Spot On to offer the most comprehensive training experience available.


“Janet is a true expert”

- Hannah F.

Janet is an incredible asset and a true expert in the dog training field. Experts do not come by very often. Her wealth of knowledge and decades of experience shows through in her guidance and deep understanding of how dogs think, communicate, and learn. Upon bringing our new puppy home, we researched a variety of trainers. We were so happy to find and get to work with Janet! Working with her has proved to be the best foundation we could have ever imagined! She has not only trained our puppy but takes the time to educate us, answer our questions and help us navigate the many stages of puppyhood. She gives homework- do it, you won't regret it. Working with Janet Willhite will set you and your dog up for success for years to come. Her approach makes happy dogs!!

“We can already see a difference after three sessions.”

- Erika E.

I highly recommend Janet at Spot On for puppy/dog training! She is so patient, knowledgeable and engaged in the process that she has developed. The Puppy Training Academy has had such a positive impact on our dog and we can already see a difference after 3 sessions (3 more to go). Janet is the best and the staff at Spot On is wonderful! It is clear that Janet has a true love of dogs and is passionate about the work she does. She has made a great connection with both our dog and us!

Vaccination Requirements

We pride ourselves on providing a healthy environment for all our guests. All pets are required to be up to date on the following vaccinations:

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  • Rabies – We accept a 1 to 3-year vaccination
  • Distemper/Parvo – We accept a 1-year vaccination, but will accept the 3-year vaccination on all dogs over 2 years old
  • Bordetella – Recommended to be administered every 6 months
  • Canine Influenza – We accept a 1-year vaccination
  • Negative Fecal(including ova/parasite and giardia) – every 6 months

  • Distemper/Parvo – Puppies receive 3 vaccinations in the puppy series. Typically they are about 3 weeks apart. All 3 vaccinations must have been completed 2 weeks prior to going to group play
  • Rabies – This vaccination is given at 12 weeks of age in accordance with Connecticut State Law. This vaccination must be completed 2 weeks prior to going to group play
  • Bordetella – Typically given starting at 8 weeks of age. This vaccination must be completed 2 weeks prior to going to group play. After completion, we recommend this vaccination to be every 6 months.
  • Influenza – This vaccination must be completed 2 weeks prior to going to group play.
  • Negative Fecal(including ova/parasite and giardia) – every 6 months

  • Rabies – We accept a 1 to 3-year vaccination
  • FVRCP – We accept a 1-year vaccination
  • Negative Fecal – every 6 months
  • FELV/FIV – negative test confirmed

Missing any vaccines? 

It is ideal for all vaccinations to be given a minimum of 2 weeks prior to arrival for lodging, grooming, or daycare to ensure all pets are fully protected. If a 2-week wait period is not obtainable, we are pleased to be able to update vaccinations at our veterinary hospital for your convenience.

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