Dog Daycare

Lowest dog-to-human ratio
Live cameras
Monthly daycare parties
Hospital grade cleanliness standards
Managers extensively trained in dog behavior
Outdoor & indoor play parks
No communal water bowls to ensure the health of your pet
Veterinary staff in the building at all times
Evaluation process to ensure safety for every animal in the building
Climate controlled

Our Play Spaces

Spot On Tree

Spot On Beach

Spot On Park

Spot On Outside Parks & Pool

Spot on Porch &

Premium Dog Daycare In Stamford!

Our daycare provides your dog with exercise, socialization, and fun while you are traveling or at work. There is always something exciting to do in one of our four large and pristinely clean indoor dog parks or our three large outdoor play parks and pool. Pets are grouped into packs by size, temperament, and interest to create a safe and fun environment for everyone. All playgroups are supervised by our qualified Guest Experience Specialists to ensure a safe, fun environment. For further peace of mind, daycare activities can be viewed on our live webcams. We hold monthly daycare parties at no additional cost, including Pet Prom, Canine Campout, Puppy Pool Party, Spot On Summer Olympics, and much more! Your first half-day of daycare is FREE – schedule your meet and greet today!

Is Your Pet Staying With Us?

Watch them LIVE on our live stream cameras from 9 am to 5 pm!

New Clients

Get a free half-day of daycare.

Plans For All Pets.

New Puppy?

Find out more about Little Spot; our all-inclusive program just for new puppies! Click here to learn more about our Little Spot Program!


  • Meet and Greet (1/2 day eval new guest) – FREE
  • Single Day Pass – $48
  • Daycare pass while boarding – $18 full day/$13 half day
  • 1/2 day pass (7am-1pm or 1pm-7pm M-F OR 9am-1pm or 1-5pm Saturdays) – $35

PrePaid Packages

  • 10-day pass – $430
  • 20-day pass – $810
  • 30-day pass – $1140
  • Unlimited Monthly Pass – $780
  • 10-day 1/2 day pass – $315
  • 20-day 1/2 day pass – $600
  • 30-day 1/2 day pass – $848
  • New-Automatic renewal contract signed = $20 savings per package

Monthly Daycare Parties

We have so much fun!

Upcoming Daycare Events

Thursday, Febuary 9th – Super Bowl Party
Thursday, March 16th – Mardi Gras Party
Thursday, April 20th – Hawaiian Luau Party
Thursday, May 18th – Pajama Party
Thursday, June 15th – Pet Prom

Vaccination Requirements

We pride ourselves on providing a healthy environment for all our guests. All pets are required to be up to date on the following vaccinations:

Adult Dogs over 2 years old

  • Rabies – We accept a 1 to 3-year vaccination
  • Distemper/Parvo – We accept a 1-year vaccination but will accept the 3-year vaccination on all dogs over 2 years old
  • Bordetella – Recommended to be administered every 6 months
  • Canine Influenza – We accept a 1-year vaccination
  • Negative Fecal(including ova/parasite and giardia) – every 6 months


  • Distemper/Parvo – Puppies receive 3 vaccinations in the puppy series. Typically they are about 3 weeks apart. All 3 vaccinations must have been completed 2 weeks prior to going to group play
  • Rabies – This vaccination is given at 12 weeks of age in accordance with Connecticut state law. This vaccination must be completed 2 weeks prior to going to group play
  • Bordetella – Can is typically given starting at 8 weeks of age. This vaccination must be completed 2 weeks prior to going to group play. After completion, we
    recommend this vaccination to be every 6 months.
  • Influenza – This vaccination must be completed 2 weeks prior to going to group play.
  • Negative Fecal(including ova/parasite and giardia) – every 6 months


  • Rabies – We accept a 1 to 3-year vaccination
  • FVRCP – We accept a 1-year vaccination
  • Negative Fecal – every 6 months
  • FELV/FIV – negative test confirmed

All vaccinations must be given a minimum of 2 weeks prior to arrival for lodging or daycare in order to participate in group play. Individual activities are available if 2 week wait period is not obtainable.

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