If your dog is not vaccinated, we recommend doing so. Vaccination is especially important for young, senior, immune compromised dogs, and those who regularly interact with other pets in dog parks, daycare, or boarding.  Because we are concerned about the health and safety of all pets, Spot On will be offering discounted Canine Influenza vaccines next week. Please call or email us to schedule your appointment.

Please note, for the safety of all guests at Spot On we will be requiring all daycare dogs and hotel guests to be current with this vaccine by June 18. Any questions? Please reach out – we are here to help!

You can learn more in the video below. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest canine influenza news!

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Update: Dr. Putter spoke to Lauren’s Crazy Pet Show about the disease on 6/18/18.

To learn more about the dog flu and how to protect your pet, click here.

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