We are excited to announce that we’ve installed a brand new, state of the art small animal CT scan machine at Spot On Veterinary Hospital in Stamford, CT.

A CT provides unprecedented ability to diagnose disease where a traditional X-ray cannot. A full body, three dimensional model of your pet is created in 60 seconds or less. This can elucidate numerous diseases previously unseen – including life threatening and painful issues such as tumors, cardiac disease, and osteoarthritis.

The CT scanner is also excellent for diagnosis of orthopedic conditions like hip dysplasia, soft tissue issues, nasal disease, head trauma, lung disease, middle and inner ear disorders, brain and/or spinal injuries, and dental diseases such as abscesses. The CT also helps prepare teh veterinarian for surgery when issues are found – helping to create a 3 dimensional map of tumors, arteries, and more so surgery can be more precise and specific.

A CT is fast and non-invasive and at Spot On we have immediate availability to perform scans to pets in Stamford, CT, Fairfield & Westchester counties.

We are proud to offer this innovative imaging technology to better diagnose and care for every pet at Spot On.

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