“One of the unique and advantageous things about making veterinary house calls is that by observing animals in their home environment, I am better able to make medical decisions for their specific situation,” Putter said.

While the concierge clinic has been successful, Putter has bigger plans.

Later this year, he plans to open a 15,000 square foot, full-service veterinary clinic in Greenwich. There he plans to employ six veterinarians and provide a full host of services from regular and specialty pet care, luxury boarding, grooming, pet day care, a full hospital, pet pick-up and drop-off and more. He also plans to create a “no fear” environment for the animals where he will keep in mind things like noises and colors that might make pets uncomfortable in a foreign environment.

Dr. Putter has been the most progressive, thoughtful, open-minded doctor I’ve come across,” Biondo said. “We’re just so grateful to have him.

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