Dr. Philip Putter’s Spot On Veterinary Provides Concierge Service in and around Greenwich

We were honored to be featured in the Greenwich Free Press!

During his visit, Melanie’s 14-week old puppies romped around kitchen and dining room, darting in and out of toys and dollhouses while the children napped.

Dr. Putter, who worked until recently for a local veterinarian, volunteered for several years during his lunch hours for Adopt-A-Dog, and is the non-profit’s primary veterinarian.

In 2016, Dr. Putter will open Spot on Veterinary Hospital, which will offer primary veterinary care, boarding, grooming, daycare and the services of four or five veterinarians including a board certified surgeon and cardiologist.

While the hospital is under construction, Dr. Putter is responding to clients’ needs by providing concierge veterinary care in their homes. “I wanted to continue to serve my clients because people were calling me,” he said, adding that the house calls were supposed to be a bridge, but have become part of his business model.

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